Male Surgery

Male plastic surgery

In years gone by, plastic surgery was seen mostly as a woman’s domain. There was a perception that modifying your appearance was not a masculine thing to do, and the only option was to work with what you were given.

Fortunately, perceptions have changed and male plastic surgery is now widely available and accepted, providing the opportunity to feel confident and look refreshed. It might still not be something men broadcast to their mates on a Friday night out, but with well-known men like David Beckham taking pride in their appearance, wanting to look your best is no longer seen as off-limits.

Mr Andrew Ives offers a range of male plastic surgery procedures for the face and body as well as reconstructive surgery and treatment for prominent breast tissue (gynaecomastia).


Consultations are held in an easy-going and professional atmosphere. You may feel embarrassed or awkward about seeking plastic surgery but Mr Ives has helped many men to feel more confident about their appearance and will deal with your concerns in a personable and respectful manner.

Types of Male Surgery

MALE BREAST REDUCTION (Gynaecomastia correction or ‘Man boobs’)

What it does:

Reduces over-developed or enlarged male breast tissue, known as gynaecomastia, caused by hormones, hereditary conditions, drug use and disease.

What patients consider it:

To alleviate embarrassment, increase confidence, and return to or participate in physical and intimate activities.

Complementary procedures:

Can be combined with liposculpture and other contouring surgery.

Risks and complications:

All surgery involves a degree of risk and possible complications. Please take the time to review the risks and complications associated with gynaecomastia.

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