Patient Information

Having surgery and changing the way you look are big decisions. Making sure you feel completely comfortable with these decisions is of the highest importance to Mr Andrew Ives. Mr Ives and his team want their patients to feel 100% confident that they have chosen the right surgeon and the right procedure before undergoing any changes. Mr Ives believes that providing accurate, helpful information is the best way to promote confidence, as it arms patients with helpful knowledge and allows them to make well-informed decisions. Fully understanding what will happen before, during and after a procedure helps to put patients' minds at ease.

Although in some ways plastic surgery now seems very common place - the subject of reality television shows and splashed across the pages of the latest magazines - the finer details can still seem shrouded in mystery. Plastic surgery is indeed complex. This is why plastic surgeons undergo such rigorous specialist training. But this does not mean that patients cannot understand what takes place during a procedure, how surgery can be of benefit and what risks are involved. From what to expect as a new patient of the practice, how to go about choosing a surgeon, preparing for surgery, planning your treatment, and procedure-specific information, Mr Ives aims to make as much information as possible available to his patients. He is also confident that his former patients can share positive experiences of surgical and non-surgical procedures with prospective patients, and makes their opinions available, both through the testimonials on the website, and through one-on-one contact, which can be arranged during your initial consultation. A wealth of information is available for patients by clicking on the links below. For more specific queries, Mr Ives and his team are always happy to answer your questions during a consultation, on the phone or via email


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