Our Team

The Team

Mr Andrew Ives’ team is friendly, experienced and professional and is devoted to ensuring that patients experience the very best care from the moment they contact the rooms until their recovery is complete.

Ashlee Pumpa Secretary and Practice Manager
Donna Philips Registered Nurse
Kammi Brown Dermal Therapist
Daniel Silpaps Clinical Specialist

Ashlee Pumpa

Secretary and Practice Manager

Ashlee has spent five years working in the medical industry after undertaking a business administration traineeship specialising in medical administration.

Though Ashlee has worked with different specialists, she has always had a strong interest in plastic surgery. Ashlee has been part of Mr Ives’ Melbourne practice since its establishment and played a significant role in its administrative set up.

As secretary and practice manager, Ashlee has numerous responsibilities and works very closely with Mr Ives to ensure the practice runs smoothly, efficiently and to great patient satisfaction. She is committed to providing outstanding service and a patient experience beyond expectations. As the first point of contact in the practice, Ashlee is dedicated to ensuring patient comfort and happiness. She assists patients every step of the way, from enquiries, consultation appointments, quotes, accounts, and surgery bookings, right through to post-operative care and future treatments at the practice.

When Ashlee isn’t providing first-rate patient care and isn’t getting dragged out fishing with her partner Ben, she enjoys hitting the beach, dinning out, travel, the ‘occasional’ shopping spree and above all else Ashlee loves devoting her time to her family adorable Shar Pei, Narla.

Donna Philips

Registered Nurse

Donna Phillips, is a registered nurse with over two decades of experience in cosmetic injections. Donna prides herself on producing natural-looking results with these non surgical procedures, designed to have friends asking if you’ve been on vacation and not, “Have you had work done?”

Kammi Brown

Dermal Therapist

Daniel Silpaps

Clinical Specialist

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