About Our Surgery

Mr Andrew Ives and Team

Honesty, respect and expertise.

Mr Andrew Ives is a fully qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Mr Ives and his team are guided by a simple rule: treat patients as you would like to be treated. From the first time you contact the team to your last post-procedure appointment, you can expect to be treated with honesty, respect and expertise.

Mr Ives and his team believe that successful plastic and reconstructive surgery is the result not only of a skilled surgeon, but also of truthful, realistic and responsible care. Mr Ives approaches plastic surgery as a way to enhance the natural appearance, not mask it. He doesn’t believe in ‘quick fixes’ or one-size-fits-all solutions. The patient’s long-term wellbeing is paramount in Mr Ives’ practice; patients are given upfront and realistic information about the results that can be achieved, as well as the risks and costs involved in each procedure. Care extends beyond the completion of a procedure; Mr Ives and his professional team maintain contact with each patient for as long as necessary to ensure a complete recovery is made.

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