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Andrew Ives

M.B. Ch.B(UK), FRACS(Plast.Recon.Surg.)

Enjoying a distinguished medical career, Mr Andrew Ives is a highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon with extensive experience. Mr Ives is passionate about the positive changes that plastic surgery can make in people's lives and feels privileged to have such a rewarding career. Learn More

Mr Andrew Ives
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Mr Andrew Ives is a fully qualified plastic surgeon providing reconstructive, cosmetic and plastic surgery in Melbourne. With over a decade of experience, Mr Ives offers a complete range of both surgical and non surgical procedures with the support of his expert team.

Whether you are seeking facial enhancement, skin care therapy, reconstructive burns surgery, body plastic surgery, male plastic surgery, skin cancer plastic surgery, breast surgery, gender reassignment surgery or hand surgery in Melbourne, Mr Ives and his team can assist you in making a positive change to your life.

Mr Ives views plastic surgery as a way to enhance quality of life, not work against the body. Regardless of why you choose to have plastic surgery on your body, as Mr Ives’ patient, you can be confident that you will receive the very highest level of friendly and professional care offered by a plastic surgeon in Melbourne. All procedures are patient-guided, so there is no pressure to undergo surgery or make changes that you are not comfortable with. Mr Ives also believes in responsible, holistic care and ensures that his patients have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they need to feel comfortable with a procedure, as well as providing comprehensive follow up care after completion of the procedure.

As plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery have become more prevalent, the number of people calling themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons’ has seemed to increase. The terms plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon sound very similar, but many people do not know that anyone with a medical degree can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon. But these people have not undergone the extensive surgical training required of a plastic surgeon. So, how can you tell the difference? If you search for ‘breast surgery in Melbourne’, how do you know that the results you receive are for a fully qualified plastic surgeon in Melbourne? The key is in the letters that follow the person’s name. If you see the letters ‘FRACS’ following a medical professional’s name, it means that they have spent at least eight years undergoing specialist surgical training. You can find out more about the FRACS qualification and how to verify a surgeon’s credentials by reading Mr Ives’ guide to choosing your surgeon.

For more information on the procedures listed above, or to view other procedures performed by Mr Ives and his team, please refer to the Plastic Surgery Procedures in Melbourne list.

If you are interested in plastic surgery or other non surgical procedures, and would like to speak with Mr Ives, please complete our contact form and a member of the team will respond to your query shortly.

Our Surgery

Mr Andrew Ives conducts his plastic surgery practice solely in Melbourne, ensuring that he can personally attend to his patients prior to and following procedures

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Mr. Andrew Ives' top ten tips for choosing the right Plastic Surgeon.

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